Three Steps to Success

  1. Clarity Call – Get started with a free 20 minute clarity call to discuss your health goals and determine the best treatment plan for your needs.
  2. Initial Consultation & Blood Analysis – A holistic review of your diet, lifestyle and health history, including a comprehensive blood analysis.
  3. Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations – Based on your unique biochemical and physical profile, with ongoing support available as needed.

About Kris Gardener

I am a certified Metabolic Balance® Practitioner, Naturopath and experienced Health & Wellness Coach, trained to guide you through the world-renowned Metabolic Balance® nutrition program that will reset your metabolism and hormone levels. Live pain-free, relieved of inflammation, irritating skin conditions and menopausal symptoms, so you can finally achieve an ideal, healthy weight and maintain it for good.

I am passionate about helping people reach their full potential for wellbeing. I believe that the power of wellness coaching comes from the unique partnership formed between coach and client, where a skilled & empathetic coach offers support and guidance to help you find your individual path to lasting lifestyle changes.

Offering ongoing support, I will guide you on your lifestyle journey. You’ll discover that through a combination of autonomy and accountability, your goals for health and happiness really are attainable..

This is how the magic happens.

My Approach

Most of the clients I work with are struggling under the constant, unrelenting pressure of competing priorities; work stress, managing a home and family, finding time for relaxation and pleasure; and unfortunately they’re falling short, time and again, when it comes to prioritising personal health goals.

As a naturopath, my approach to helping you achieve your goals is to combine my qualification as a Metabolic Balance practitioner with my experience as a Health and Wellness Coach.

What that means is you’ll be fully supported, every step of the way, to not only achieve your nutritional goals, but to overcome the mindset challenges and years of unhealthy habits that often come along to try to trip us up when we embark on a change to our lifestyle behaviours.


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